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Duties & Responsibilities

The General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI in Turkish acronym) with a legal entity and supplementary budget is the primary executive state agency of Turkey for Nations overall water resources planning, managing, execution and operation.

The main objective of DSI is to develop all water and land resources in Turkey. It aims at all the wisest use of the principal natural resources.

DSI was established by Law 6200 in December 18, 1953 as legal entity and brought under the aegis of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. It is charged with "single and multiple utilization of surface and ground waters and prevention of soil erosion and flood damages". For that reason, DSI is empowered to plan, design, construct and operate dams, hydroelectric power plants, domestic water and irrigation schemes.

The DSI's purpose "to develop water and land resources in Turkey" covers a wide range of interrelated functions. These include irrigation, hydroelectric power generation; domestic and industrial water supplies for large cities; recreation and research on water-related planning, design and construction materials.

Projects, master plan and feasibility reports are prepared for the development of water resources. In this respect, required main data are collected by DSI from the river basin surveys which are related with flow and meteorological, soil classification, agricultural economy, erosion, maps, geological conditions etc issues.

DSI activities are based on the following laws;

Law Number 6200 : DSI's Establisment Law

  • Enacted: December 18, 1953,
  • Published in Official Gazette: December 25, 1953,
  • Effective: February 28, 1954

Law Number 167 : Ground Water Law

  •  Enacted: December 16, 1960,
  • Published in Official Gazette: December 23, 1960,

Law Number 1053 : Domestic Water Supply Law for the settlements over 100 000 population

- Enacted: July 3, 1968,
-Published in Official Gazette: July 16, 1968,

The specific responsibilities of DSI empowered by the establishment law can be listed as below:

To make basic investigations such as;

  • Stream flow gauging,
  • Soil classification,
  • Agricultural economics,
  • Geological surveys,
  • Water quality analysis,
  • Modeling for water structures,

To carry out the survey and planning for river basin development
To prepare master plan and feasibility report to determine technically and economically optimal solutions of water resources project in the river basins.
To construct dams and hydroelectric power plants;
To build irrigation and drainage systems;
To operate all structures against floods;
To perform all studies for surveys, investigation, conservation and utilization of ground water (by the law No 167).
To develop all stages of water supply and water treatment plants for settlements over 100 000 population (by the law No 1053).
The responsibility of supplying domestic water of the villiages was given to DSI by the law number 7478 which was titled "The Law relating water supply of the villiages", thereafter in 1964, this responsibility was transferred to former General Directorate of Rural Roads, Water and Electricity Supply (then to Abolished General Directorate of Rural Services - GDRS) by the date of July 16, 1964 upon its establishment;

To build or have built auxiliary buildings and installations for operation and administration;
To temporarily occupy and/or to expropriate lands and real estates for the execution of above works;
To procure, rent and operate materials, tools, spare parts, machinery and permanent equipment;
To reclaim swamps;
To improve navigable rivers.