Departments of the DSİ General Directorate:

1-The Strategy Development Department prepares the investment program and financial budget of DSİ. It puts the necessary programs into operation in order to attain the  targets defined by the State Planning Organization (SPO).

2-The Investigation, Planning and Allocations Department is responsible for reconnaissance, master plan and feasibility studies on technically, economically, and environmentally viable projects for the purpose of the integrated land and water development of 25 river basins.

3-The Design & Construction Department works on final design, application project, adjudication, and construction of irrigation projects and small dams.

4-The Dams & Hydroelectric Power Plants Department works on final design, application project, adjudication, and construction of dams and hydroelectric power plants.

5-The Water Supply Department works on final design, application projects, adjudication, and construction of domestic and industrial water supply facilities for the settlements having municipal administration.

6-Wastewater Department works on final design, application projects, adjudication, and construction of waste water treatment plants for the settlements having municipal administration.

7-The Real Estate & Expropriation Department expropriates all types of real estates according to related laws and procedures. On behalf of DSİ, this department registers title deeds and grants easement right of lands belonging to the Ministry of Forestry and the Undersecretariat of the Treasury. Besides on behalf of DSİ, it executes land consolidation in irrigation projects.

8-The Geotechnical Services & Groundwater Department carries out geological, hydrological, and geotechnical surveys for all DSİ’s hydro projects. It allocates, registers, and develops ground water resources.

9-The Machinery Manufacture & Supply Department purchases, leases and operates all machinery, equipment and materials that are required by State Hydraulic Works.

10-The Operation & Maintenance Department operates, maintains, and repairs hydraulic structures constructed by DSİ. It also makes efforts to transfer the operation rights (TOR) of these structures together with public  organizations and NGOs when necessary.

11- Hydroelectric Energy Department checks if hydroelectric power plants (HEPPs) in operation are operated according to the water usage agreement and executes proceedings related to HEPPs.

12-The Technical Research & Quality Control Department executes research and development (R &D) as well as the quality control activities that DSİ needs.

13-The Technology Department maintains the DSİ’s computer network properly, and provides technical support on computer hardware and software.

14-The Personnel &Training Department makes plans and policies on human resources, staff training, and deals with matters pertaining to personnel. It coordinates the work of TS-EN-ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System put into effect at DSİ.

15-The Support Services Department executes the administrative and operational services as for DSİ’s guesthouses, state housing units, office buildings, libraries, day nurseries, medical services, security, cafeteria, cleaning services, and other social services.

DSİ Regional Directorates:

1-Bursa, 2-İzmir, 3-Eskişehir, 4-Konya, 5-Ankara, 6-Adana, 7-Samsun, 8-Erzurum, 9-Elazığ, 10- Diyarbakır, 11-Edirne, 12-Kayseri, 13-Antalya, 14-İstanbul, 15-Şanlıurfa, 16-Ilısu Project-Mardin, 17-Van, 18-Isparta, 19-Sivas, 20-Kahramanmaraş, 21-Aydın, 22-Trabzon, 23-Kastamonu, 24-Kars, 25-Balıkesir, and 26-Artvin (Çoruh Projects). Two of these Regional Directorates, 16-Ilısu Project- Mardin and 26-Artvin (Çoruh Projects) are interim Regional Directorates.


Human Resources

As of 02/01/2012, DSİ employs 20,482 personnel, 9.6% of whom is general administrative staff,24.75% of whom is technical staff, 64.94% of whom is workers, 0.71% of whom is other. 1,805 staff works in Headquarters and 18,677 staff works in Regional Directorates. Disciplines of the technical personnel are diverse. There are total 4,076 technical personnel, 1,428 of which is civil engineer (35.03%), 681 of which is agricultural engineer (16.71%), 496 of which are mechanical engineer (12.17%), 414 of which is geological engineer (10.16%), 250 of which is cartographical engineer (6.13%), 190 of which is electrical engineer, (4.66%), 617 of which is other disciplines (15.14%).

In order to raise the technical capacity and efficiency of DSİ staff and to enable them to share their knowledge and experience with their colleagues, DSİ allows its staff to attend various courses, seminars, panels, symposia and other activities held both at home and abroad.

Since DSİ was established till the end of 2011, 156,147 (81%) personnel have attended various training activities organized by DSİ whereas 28,541 (15%) personnel have participated in various training activities organized by other organizations at home. 7,294 (4%) DSİ personnel have attended international activities organized abroad.



 DSİ’s Budget
The main financial resources of DSİ come from the national budget. For a long time, DSİ’s investment budget had amounted to roughly 1/3 of the state investment budget. While the state investment budget was determined as 20.68 Billion TL in 2011, the DSİ investment budget was set at as 5.19 Billion TL (25%). The examination of past investment figures of public institutions in Turkey reveals that the share of DSİ has decreased from 27% to 25%. The DSİ budget adds up 7.36 Billion TL, together with current transfers and expropriation allocations.

 Another important source of finance in the DSİ investment budget was foreign loans. Before 2003, foreign loans were not included in the DSİ investment budget, but regarded as a supplement to this budget. Since a new regulation in 2003 imposed some restrictions on the availability of foreign loans, DSİ has faced some financial difficulties in completion of some projects.

 In 2011, the DSİ budget of 7.36 Billion TL constitutes 3% share in the state budget of 265 billion TL. The State Planning Organization (SPO) has anticipated average exchange rate of US$ as 1.6 TL in 2011. According to this rate, DSİ budget accounts for US$ 4.60 Billion, while the DSİ investment budget is US$ 3.24 Billion. Loan sources constitute 14% share, whereas the national budget sources comprise of 86% of the DSİ investment budget.